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[Cover and Tribvtes XI] Ian Dury Tribute - Brand New Boots and Panties

After Ian Dury's death in 2000, some artists and musicians gathered themselves up to record a tribute album to the fallen one. The album name mocks that of Ian Dury's classic 1977 record: "New Boots and Panties!!!".

Among the people who appeared to record this tribute are Sinead O'connor, the british guys from Madness, the beautiful Shane MacGowan and, to the surprise of everyone: Sir Paul McCartney!

How the hell did the ex-beatle happen to be here, I'm not sure, but his version of "Partial to your Abracadabra" is probably the best thing he has ever done since 1973.

1. Sinead O'Connor With The Blockheads - Wake Up And Make Love With Me (4:58)
2. Robbie Williams and The Blockheads - Sweet Gene Vincent (4:07)
3. Paul McCartney & The Blockheads - I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra (3:31)
4. Madness - My Old Man (3:13)
5. Billy Brag And The Blokes - Billericay Dickie (4:43)
6. Wreckless Eric and The Blockheads - Clevor Trever (6:15)
7. Cerys Matthews and The Blockheads - If I Was With A Woman (3:34)

8. Grant Nicholas and The Blockheads - Blockheads (4:07)
9. Shane MacGowan and The Blockheads - Plaistow Patricia (4:03)
10. Keith Allen and The Blockheads - Blackmail Man (2:14)

Download 57mb

On an unrelated note, this is the 100th post of the blog. And today is 10/10. And this album has 10 songs. And right now is, according to my watch: 10:00am. That means something, right? Any Inca prophecies?

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