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Brainticket - Cottonwood Hill (1971)

Cottonwoodhill is one of the trippiest records ever made, capturing the intensity of the peak LSD experience far more successfully than any Timothy Leary recording, and even today, when many such documents from that era can sound silly and dated, Brainticket's fascinating debut still holds hallucinogenic potency. Rather than the laid-back mellow groove of some psychedelic music from this era, Cottonwoodhill has a hyper energy in the frenetic organ riff and Muir's voice, like an acid trip out of control, while at times the various sound effects take over completely.

On the original records inside, it was issued with a Warning of "After Listening to this Record, your friends may not know you anymore" and "Only listen to this once a day. Your brain might be destroyed!"

1. "Black Sand" (Ron Bryer, Joel Vandroogenbroeck) – 4:05
2. "Places of Light" (Bryer, Dawn Muir, Vandroogenroeck) – 4:05
3. "Brainticket, Pt. 1" (Bryer, Hellmuth Kolbe, Muir, Vandroogenbroeck) – 8:21
4. "Brainticket, Pt. 1: Conclusion" (Bryer, Kolbe, Muir, Vandroogenbroeck) – 4:36
5. "Brainticket, Pt. 2" (Bryer, Kolbe, Muir, Vandroogenbroeck) – 13:13
Download (47mb)

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The Clash - Discography

The Clash is, we could say, the most intelligent band of the punk moviment and maybe wich has awakened the desire of mayhem and wear leather jackets in the boys. Their style wasn't common, punk rock mixed with rockabily, reggae, rap and ska. The band was great, they gone from underground until the top, when launched their masterpiece London Calling and later the greatest comercial sucess with the song Should I Stay or Should I Go. The group falled in many traps, drugs, internal feuds. Over time, they were disassembling bit by bit, until no one's left.

The Clash é, digamos assim, a banda mais inteligente do movimento punk e talvez a que tenha despertado a vontade dos garotos quebrarem tudo e usarem jaquetas de couro. Seu estilo é muito diferenciado, punk rock misturado com rockabily, reggae, rap e ska. A banda era ótima, foram do underground até o auge, quando lançaram a obra prima London Calling e depois o maior sucesso comercial com a música Should I Stay or Should I Go. O grupo caiu em muitas armadilhas, drogas, conflitos internos e o sucesso subindo a cabeça. Com o tempo, foram se desfazendo pouco a pouco, até que não restou mais ninguém.

When the band's over, the integrants starting take care of their lives, in separate careers. In 1999, the most notorious member Joe Strummer was returned to the stages with his new band The Mescaleros, regenerated from the huge wound that the end of Clash left over him. Until in 2002 he died from a congenital heart defect.

Quando a banda acabou, os integrantes foram seguindos suas vidas em carreiras separadas. Em 1999, o mais notório membro Joe Strummer voltou à subir aos palcos com sua nova banda The Mescaleros, regenerado da enorme ferida que o fim do Clash deixou nele. Até que em 2002 morreu de um defeito congênito no coração.

I didn't upload the last album "Cut the Crap" because it's really bad. Now, the discography, beggining from the end.

Fiz questão de não colocar o último álbum "Cut the Crap" de tão abaixo da média que é. Agora vamos à discografia, começando pelo fim.

Combat Rock

1. "Know Your Rights" – 3:39
2. "Car Jamming" – 3:58
3. "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" – 3:06
4. "Rock the Casbah" – 3:14
5. "Red Angel Dragnet" – 3:48
6. "Straight to Hell" – 5:30
7. "Overpowered by Funk" – 4:55
8. "Atom Tan" – 2:32
9. "Sean Flynn" – 4:30
10. "Ghetto Defendant" – 4:45
11. "Inoculated City" – 2:43
12. "Death Is a Star" – 3:08

(43mb - 4shared)


CD 1:
01. The Magnificent Seven
02. Hitsville UK
03. Junco Partner
04. Ivan Meets GI Joe
05. The Leader
06. Something About England
07. Rebel Waltz
08. Look Here
09. The Crooked Beat
10. Somebody Got Murdered
11. One More Time
12. One More Dub
13. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
14. Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
15. Corner Soul
16. Let’s Go Crazy
17. If Music Could Talk
18. The Sound Of The Sinners

CD 2:
19. Police On My Back
20. Midnight Log
21. The Equaliser
22. The Call Up
23. Washington Bullets
24. Broadway
25. Lose This Skin
26. Charlie Don’t Surf
27. Mensforth Hill
28. Junkie Slip
29. Kingston Advice
30. The Street Parade
31. Version City
32. Living In Fame
33. Silicone On Sapphire
34. Version Pardner
35. Career Opportunities
36. Shepherds Delight

CD 1
(99mb - 4shared)
CD 2
(100mb - 4shared)

London Calling

01. London Calling
02. Brand New Cadillac
03. Jimmy Jazz
04. Hateful
05. Rudie Can't Fail
06. Spanish Bombs
07. Right Profile
08. Lost in the Supermarket
09. Clampdown
10. Guns of Brixton
11. Wrong 'Em Boyo
12. Death or Glory
13. Koka Kola
14. Card Cheat
15. Lover's Rock
16. Four Horsemen
17. I'm Not Down
18. Revolution Rock
19. Train in Vain


(100mb - 4shared)

Give 'Em Enough Rope

1. "Safe European Home" – 3:50
2. "English Civil War" – 2:35
3. "Tommy Gun" – 3:17
4. "Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad" – 3:03
5. "Last Gang in Town" – 5:14
6. "Guns on the Roof" – 3:15
7. "Drug-Stabbing Time" – 3:43
8. "Stay Free" – 3:40
9. "Cheapskates" – 3:25
10. "All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)" – 4:55

(51mb - 4shared)

The Clash

1. Janie Jones
2. Remote Control
3. I'm so bored with the Usa
4. White Riot
5. Hate & War
6. What's my name
7. Deny
8. London's Burning
9. Career Opportunities
10. Cheat
11. Protex Blue
12. Police & Thieves
13. 48 Hours
14. Garageland


(48mb - 4shared)

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The Who - Live at Leeds Deluxe Edition

Rushed out in 1970 as a way to bide time as the Who toiled away on their follow-up to Tommy, Live at Leeds wasn't intended to be the definitive Who live album, and many collectors maintain that the band had better shows available on bootlegs. But those shows weren't easily available whereas Live at Leeds was, and even if this show may not have been the absolute best, it's so damn close to it that it would be impossible for anybody but aficionados to argue. Here, the Who sound vicious — as heavy as Led Zeppelin but twice as volatile — as they careen through early classics with the confidence of a band that finally achieved acclaim but had yet to become preoccupied with making art. In that regard, this recording — in its many different forms — may have been perfectly timed in terms of capturing the band at a pivotal moment in its history.

Disc one

1."Heaven and Hell" (Entwistle) – 5:09
2."I Can't Explain" (Townshend) – 2:26
3."Fortune Teller" (Neville and Spellman) – 3:22
4."Tattoo" (Townshend) – 3:00
5."Young Man Blues" (Allison) – 5:56
6."Substitute" (Townshend) – 3:04
7."Happy Jack" (Townshend) – 2:13
8."I'm a Boy" (Townshend) – 2:45
9."A Quick One, While He's Away" (Townshend) – 13:41
Jesvs Cristvs® favourite The Who song, stupendous performance. See also The Who at Rock'n'Roll Circus video.
10."Summertime Blues" (Capehart and Cochran) – 3:34
11."Shakin' All Over" (Kidd) – 4:34
12."My Generation" (Townshend) – 15:24
13."Magic Bus" (Townshend) – 8:21

Disc two

1."Overture" (Townshend) – 6:53
2."It's a Boy" (Townshend) – 0:31
3."1921" (Townshend) – 2:26
4."Amazing Journey" (Townshend) – 3:18
5."Sparks" (Townshend) – 4:23
6."Eyesight to the Blind" (Sonny Boy Williamson) – 1:58
7."Christmas" (Townshend) – 3:19
8."The Acid Queen" (Townshend) – 3:35
9."Pinball Wizard" (Townshend) – 2:25
10."Do You Think It's Alright?" (Townshend) – 0:22
11."Fiddle About" (Entwistle) – 1:13
12."Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" (Townshend) – 0:55
13."There's a Doctor" (Townshend) – 0:23
14."Go to the Mirror!" (Townshend) – 3:24
15."Smash The Mirror" (Townshend) – 1:19
16."Miracle Cure" (Townshend) – 0:13
17."Sally Simpson" (Townshend) – 4:01
18."I'm Free" (Townshend) – 2:39
19."Tommy's Holiday Camp" (Keith Moon) – 1:00
20."We're Not Gonna Take It" (Townshend) – 8:48

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

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Both sides of Sparks

Sparks were one of the best art-pop band of the seventhies releasing at least 4 masterpieces. They consist of the two Mael brothers, Ron(the one on the photo who carries that beautiful mustache for 30 years now) and Rusell. Ron writes the intricate melodies on the piano and Russell sings it.

I have to admit I don't listen to them much often now but they will always be one of my top 20 favourite bands. And they are very unknown, so, I didn't hesitate in making this wonderful compilation that will show to you the best of their two phases: The seventhies art-pop phase and their 2000's CLASSICAL-OPERA-POP-ROCK phase.

Have you ever thought about it how would Mozart sound if he wanted a top100 hit on the USA? Well, its exactly how the second phase Sparks sound.

Their lyrics are so goood that i've included a brief description after some song titles ahead, but, keep in mind that almost every song has hilarious lyrics:

1 - This Town ain't big enough for the both us
2 - Happy Hunting Ground
3 - At Home At Work At Play
4 - Here In Heaven
it's about a boy who kills himself after making a pact with his girlfriend. But she doesn't kills herself and he gets a bit angry.
5 - Thanks But no Thanks
it's about a little boy refusing drugs because his parents wouldn't let him.
6 - How Are You Getting Home
the guy wants to take the girl home just to make moves on her. naughty.
7 - Talent Is An Asset
it's about the child Albert Einstein.
8 - Equator
9 - Barbecutie
10 - Achoo
11 - Get in the Swing

DISC 2 - 00's
1 - Intro
2 - Perfume
It's about perfumes, mainly. Still hilarious, though.
3 - How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall
It's based on that famous joke about a tourist asking how to go to the famous theater carnegie hall: "How do i get do carnegie hall?", and the other guy answers: "Practice, man. Practice."
4 - Good Morning
5 - Metaphor
"A metaphor is a wonderful thing, girls dig dig D-I-G dig dig metaphors, use them wisely, use them well, and you'll never know the hell of loliness."
6 - Dick Around
7 - The Rhytm Thief
8 - Lighten Up, Morrissey
I'm not sure what is this about but it mentions the Smith's vocalist.
9 - My Baby's Taking me Home
His baby is taking him home. He mentions it a couple thousand times.
10 - Strange Animal
11 - Waterproof
12 - There's no Such thing as Aliens
13 - As I sit Down To Play the Organ

Disc 1 (Seventhies)
Disc 2 (00's)

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JvCv's Favourite Joy Division Songs

Hey there, outsiders. As my first post it will be good to introduce myself. I'm Acolyte Samuel Contevus and I'm helping Priest Matheus and Brother Pedro designing the blog's layout and creating the JvCv's albums covers.

Well, as a great fan of Joy Division (R.I.P. Ian Curtis), I had to do a compilation of what the congregation Jesvs Cristvs thinks that are the best songs of the band. If I could, I would upload the discography, but the church's internet has limited bandwith (let's pray and see if the Bishop buy something better for us).

Now let's talk about the compilation. It has 14 song from the 5 CDs of the band. Originally it was going to be 15, but I had to disconsiderate "Decades", otherwise the file wouldn't fit in the 4shared upload limit. So it goes.

1. Disorder (3:32)
(Unknown Pleasures 1979)
2. She's Lost Control (3:56)
(Unknown Pleasures 1979)
3. Wilderness (2:38)
(Unknown Pleasures 1979)
4. Shadowplay (3:55)
(Unknown Pleasures 1979)
5. Transmission (3:35)
(Substance 1977-1980)
6. Sound Of Music (4:25)
(The Peel Sessions 1979)
7. Komakino (3:52)
(Substance 1977-1980)
8. Isolation (2:53)
(Closer 1980)
9. Digital (2:50)
(Substance 1977-1980)
10. The Only Mistake
(Still 1981)
11. 24 Hours (4:25)
(Closer 1980)
12. Dead Souls (4:54)
(Substance 1977-1980)
13. The Eternal (6:07)
(Closer 1980)
14. Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:25)
(The Peel Sessions 1979)

(4shared 101MB)

JvCv's favourite They Might Be Giant songs

If you still haven't heard They Might Be Giants and you think you know something about pop music, you're completely wrong, my friend. TMBG are probably the best poprock band from late
eighties and nineties.
This compilation brings together all of Jesvs Cristvs's favourite songs from the band. Ranging from their first(1988) to their last album(2007) these wonderful pop melodies carry only two things in common: unlimited creativity and unlimited catchiness.
Undispensable for art and smart-pop fans.
1 - Bee of the bird of the moth
2 - My evil twin
3 - They'll need a Crane
4 - Put your hand inside the puppet head
5 - Don't Let's Start
6 - Birdhouse of the soul
7 - The Mesopotamians
8 - Mammal
9 - Ana Ng
10 - Hide Away Folk Family
11 - Purple Toupee
12 - Your not the Boss of Me(Malcolm in the middle soundtrack)
13 - I Palindrome I
14 - I'm Impressed
15 - She's an Angel
16 - Birdhouse in your soul (LIVE)

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Led Zeppelin - JvCv's 10 favourite songs

I know Led Zeppelin is one of the most famous bands in the world. But these 10 songs don't get the deserved attention. Most of the time all we hear is "Immigrant Song", "All My Love" and (urgh) "StAiRwAy To HELLven".

Well, if you think Led is one of my (Father Henricius) favourite bands because of those songs, you're wrong. Listen to those ten gems and you understand why they are the best hardrock band that has ever lived.

1 - Custard Pie
2 - Royal Orleans
3 - Celebration Day
4 - For Your Life
5 - Candy Store Rock
6 - Carouselambra
7 - Hots on for Nowhere
8 - Achilles Last Stand
9 - Trampled Under Foot
10 - I'm gonna Crawl

Part 1( 40mb ): Part 1
Part 2( 70mb ): Part 2

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Dub & Reggae Songs from the world

Nunca fui um ávido fã dos estilos jamaicanos. Mas, por alguma razão ou outra, decidi compilar algumas músicas de Dub e Reggae que são admiradas com louvor na repartição. As 4 coletâneas que serviram de base principal estão na imagem acima: Rough Guide to Dub, Reggae Around the World, Putamayo - Jamaica e Trojan Box Set.
Mesmo aqueles que não simpatizam com o estilo, acharão nessa compilação alguns itens de estimado valor. Meu critério de escolha foi: ou a música é muito boa ou muito diferenciada.E entre as escolhidas constam um dub japonês da ilha de Okinawa(Ryukyu Underground - Tinsagu nu hana dub), um reggae com uma orquestra chinesa(Jah Wobble and the Chinese Orchestra -L1), um reggae-sounding da Índia britânica(Pendha Gidda - Bally Sagoo), um boogaloo cubano(Supereagles - Viva Supereagles), Serge Gainsbourg?!(Des Laids, Des Laids) e dois covers dos Beatles(You Won't See Me e If I Needed Someone).

Although I've never been a great fan of the jamaican sound, I've done this dub&reggae compilation featuring such incredible individual songs that even one that does not like Reggae or Dub is going to find things of his interest. Enjoy.

1 - The Ethiopians - Engine 54
2 - Rico - Midnight in Ethiopia
3 - Serge Gainsbourg - Des Laids Des Laids
4 - Orchestra Baobab - Boulmamine
5 - Scientist - Miss Know It all
6 - Gnawa Diffusion - Ya Laymi
7 - Supereagles - Viva supereagles
8 - Ryukyu Underground - Tinsagu Nu Hana Dub
9 - Joe White - If I needed Someone
10 - Pendha Gidda - Bally Sagoo
11 - Ernest Ranglin - You Won't See Me
12 - Jah Wobble & the Chinese Dub Orchestra - L1 Dub


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Stereolab - JvCv's three favourite albuns

Stereolab is a french/british band formed in 1990, in London. The band's singer is the beautiful Laetitia Sadier, a parisian girl who sings in one of the best female vocals in rock music. As Mark Prindle says in his website: "there is no ego on her singings, unlike most of the female vocalists". And that's what make it so beautiful.

Next you will find three albuns that are in my opinion, the best albuns of the band. First, paradoxally, their last album: Chemical Chords(2008). This is easily my favourite one. Pop melodies enhanced with cosmic spiritual power. You may treat it as easy listening pop-music or deep mystic preachings, it will work the same.
The other two albuns I've chosen are Emperor Tomato Ketchup from 1996, their most critically aclaimed record, and the 2003 EP Instant 0 in the Universe. This EP was released soon after the death of one of the band's members, and you can feel that this is a homage to the deceased friend.
Chemical Chords(2008)

Emperor Tomato Ketchup(1996)

Link taken off from:

Instant 0 in the Universe (2003)


JvCv's World Greatest Mashups

"A mashup, bootleg or blend(also mash up and mash-up) is a song or composition created by blending two or more songs."

E é exatamente isso, sem tirar nem pôr. Mashups são a arte de unir duas músicas não-relacionadas e transformá-las em uma só. Prática que se tornou comum no fim dos anos 90 e hoje em dia virou uma das mais criativas manifestações da música pós moderna.

As Mashups são vista com maus olhos pelas pessoas mais conservadoras e sei que, postando essa compilação, comprarei briga com alguns colegas de outras paróquias, porém acredito estar fazendo nada mais que meu dever, como servo, ao divulgar para todos vocês este álbum que me causou tanta maravilhação.
Estas músicas foram retiradas de dois álbuns distintos, o primeiro deles chama-se Let It Beast e é uma experiência de um dos nomes mais famosos do Mashup, o americano Dj BC. Com o codinome de The Beastles, ele mistura Beatles com Beastie Boys e os resultados são fantásticos. Em seguida, selecionei 6 músicas do disco Revolved, álbum onde o mixer chamado de CCC, transformou todas as músicas do famoso Revolver em um álbum completamente diferente. A ordem da música é a mesma do famoso disco de 1966, mas a versão em mashup conta com as "participações" de Beck, The Jam, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Byrds e até um tema de James Bond(?!).
These songs are taken from two records. The first one is called Let It Beast and was made by Dj BC. They are mixs of Beastie Boys songs with Beatles's songs. Fantastic stuff. Next, I've selected 6 songs from the record Revolved, album made by a Touch-by-the-Hand-of-God called CCC. Hetransformed each song from the Beatles's album Revolver into something different. Genious stuff, a must listen.
Para o outro lado do disco sobraram todas as outras criativas mixagens que tive acesso nãorelacionadas com os Beatles. Os artistas utilizados aqui foram o já-citado Dj BC(músicas 3, 8 e 9), The Kleptones(músicas 4, 5, 6 e 7), o desconhecido Bullion(músicas 10, 11 e 12), o francês ToTom(faixa 2) e o, supostamente, brasileiro FAROFF(faixa 1).

Notarão que esse lado do disco está mais diversificado, vão encontrar aqui desde hiphop mixado com música judia, até David Bowie misturado com Deep Purple; Britney Spears com Van Halen com Wire com Amy Winehouse; Beach Boys desconstruído; bem, eu poderia continuar a noite inteira se não tivesse obrigações eclesiásticas pela manhã.
On side B, I've put a variety of creative mashups ranging from David Bowie meets Deep Purple to Britney Spears meets Van Halen. Great interesting listens ahead.


Digable Planets

Uma das inúmeras bandas de hiphop dos anos 90 que surgiram e desapareceram sem muito alarde. Hiphop oldschool sampleado com jazz de muitíssimo bom gosto e uma vocalista, Mary Ann "Ladybug Mecca" com uma voz lindíssima. Ao invés do tradicional YO DAWG IM A RAPPER TREAT YOUR WOMAN RIGHT MY BUTT IS BIG que se escuta das vocalistas negras de hiphop, Ladybug rima sensualmente, delicadamente. Deleite.

One of the innumerable hiphop bands from the nineties that have come up and gone out without making too much fuss. Oldschool hiphop with excellent jazz samples and a vocalist, Mary Ann "Ladybug Mecca" with a beautiful marvelous voice. Instead of the traditional YO DAWG IM A RAPPER TREAT YOUR WOMAN RIGHT MY BUTT IS BIG that you're used to hear from black hiphop female singers, Ladybuf sensually rhymes, sweetly. Delight.

1993 - Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) Download

1994 - Blowout Comb Download

Downloads retirados do ótimo blog/Downloads taken off from the great blog:

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Some bits of Latin American Music

Cuba, Rumba, Cumbia, Boogaloo, contemporânea, música Hawaiana(?!) e mais, nessa breve introdução a alguns ritmos QUENTES da América.

Cuba, Rumba, Cumbia, Boogaloo, contemporary latino, Hawaiian music and more, in this brief introduction to some bits of Latin American HOT music.

1 - Sierra Maestra - Donde Va Chichi?
2 - Afro-Cuban All Stars - Elube Changó
3 - Henry Castro - Cumbia de Colombia
4 - Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango - Rumba Makossa
5 - Kassav' - Rete
6 - Ozomatli - La Temperatura
7 - Lucho Bermúdez - Colombia Tierra Querida
8 - Tito Puente & Su Orquestra - Fat Mama
9 - Charlie Palmieri - Boogaloo Mania
10 - The Joe Cuba Sextet - Oh, Yeah
11 - Ralph Robles - Soul Nitty Gritty
12 - Juan-Carlos Formell & Son Radical - Yanbando
13 - Pahinui, Gabby Hawaiian Band - Ku'u Pua Lei Mokihana

Download: Link(

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The Fall - 4 - Crash and Reformation (1995-1999)

Nessa fase de 4 discos, o The Fall passa por momentos turbulentos. Em 1998, no meio de uma turnês americana Mark E. Smith(líder do Fall) cai literalmente na porrada com o baterista da banda. Muitos acharam que esse era o fim da banda.

In these years, in which they've made 4 albums, The Fall has gone some turbulent moments. In 1998, in the middle of an american tour, Mark E. Smith(band leader) literally fights with the drummer. The band disappears for a while and many thought this would be their end.

Mas eles estavam errados. A banda volta em 1999, contando com a influência forte de Julia Nagle(a moçoila bonita da capa do álbum) o The Fall lança o single Touch Sensitive, como se nada tivesse acontecido.

They were wrong, though. The band comes back in 1999, with the strong influence of Julia Nagle(the beautiful lassie on the album cover), with the single Touch Sensitive. Just as if nothing had happened.

(ps: the album has two songs number 2 because it brings good luck)
1 - Touch Sensitive
2 - D.I.Y. Meat
2 - Das Vulture and ein Nutter-wain
3 - Shake Off
4 - The Quartet of Doc Shanley
5 - Don't Call me Darling
6 - 4 1/2 Inch
7 - Powder Keg
8 - Oleano
9 - Ten Houses of Eve
10 - The Crying Marshall
11 - Jungle Rock
12 - Cheetham Hill
13 - Interlude-Chinilism
14 - Rainmaster
15 - One Day
16 - Life Just Bounces

Download(74.3mb MEDIAFIRE)

Esse álbum não é tão facilmente-gostável quando a outra coletânea(número 5) que fiz anteriormente. Mas, espero que se dediquem. Padre Leilo ficaria orgulhoso.

This album isn't as easily-likeable as the other compilation(number 5) I had made. But I hope you dedicate yourselves. Father Leslie would be proud.

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JvCv's Gospel Songs Collection

Email enviado a no dia 10/07/09

alô pessoal do blog Jesvs Cristvs! Meu nome é Reginaldo e sou natural de Mozarlandia, no coracao do Goiás!! estou mandando esse correio eletronico através de minha filha, pois ainda não aprendi a acessar a internete.

gostaria de pedir a vocês um disco que, se nao me falha minha velha memória, minha filha achou nesse sítio em 1998! era um disco com muitas musicas da cantora católica Aretta Frankling! eram bem religiosas e muito comoventes!

eu escutava todo dia apos a cesta e ficava muito sensibilizado, era como se estivesse orando e dançando ao mesmo tempo.

estou indo tomar banho, por favor disponibilizem-o! abraços Reginaldo e Filha

(full album: Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace 1972)
(Gospel Selections/Seleção de gospels para comover o Senhor)
1 - Roy Wood - Songs of Praise
2 - The Soul Stirrers - Christ is All
3 - Joseph Byrd - Gospel Music
4 - Shirley Caesar - I Feel Good
5 - Maggie Ingram & The Ingramettes - A tribute to Granny
6 - The Byrds - The Christian Life
7 - The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir - Go Tell it On The Mountain
8 - The Original Five Blind Boys of alabama - Oh Lord Stand By Me
9 - Bana Ba Lesedi - Alleluya
10 - James Brown - The Old Landmark (Blues Brothers soundtrack)

Download link (160mb MEGAUPLOAD)

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6 Álbuns Esquecidos de 1968 (6 Forgotten Albuns From 1968)

1 - The Incredible String Band - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

A melhor descrição é essa citação de George Starostin(crítico musical russo famoso na internet):

Gee, I never knew medieval bards had access to LSD, as well.

Bardos da idade média chapados de ácido tocando melodias em prol da natureza, de Deus e de minotauros. Um de meus álbuns favoritos de todos os tempos por razões extremamentes pessoas que não cabe comentar nesse espaço público(Martina, onde estiveres, saibas bem que nunca te esqueci).

Banda daqueles que formariam no ano seguinte o King Crimson. Robert Fripp e os dois Giles tocam, surpreendentemente, um som que em nada se assemelha ao Crimson pretensioso e pomposo que viria. Aqui a semelhança inevitável é com Kinks e com o humor britânico do Monty Python. Um disco curioso. (Apesar de Michael Giles estar vestido em um traje judeu temos evidências concisas que ele era, em realidade, católico beneditino fervoroso).

3 - United States of America - United States of America
Um dos mais criativos de psicodelia que nunca recebeu a devida atenção. A banda(United States of America) era formada basicamente de alunos universitários do curso de música, e sobre a direção do professor Jospeh Byrd(formado em "Música contemporânea e artes" em Nova Iorque) criaram este disco-experimento lindo.

Quantos discos de psicodelia você conhece que não usam uma guitarra sequer? Zero é a resposta pois esse é o único. A primeira faixa já começa com a voz sensual e pueril de Dorothy Moskowitz anunciando que o preço de ingressar nessa jornada é sua mente.

4 - Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes

If you are a brazilian rock fan, you obviously know this album by heart(and all of the other Mutantes's albums too). But if you're not from Brazil and you do not know Os Mutantes yet. I'll add no further comments.

5 - Family - Music in a Doll's House

Em 1968 os Beatles pretendiam chamar seu disco de "Doll's House", mas então, a banda Family lança esse álbum e os besouros são obrigados a mudar o nome do seu disco. O disco que teve o nome mudado ficou mundialmente conhecido como White Album e é um dos maiores de todos os tempos. O outro disco ficou completamente renegado e agora eu vo-lo reapresento. Na palavras de George Starostin:

Family's debut is smashing -in my opinion, the high points of this record would be enough to immediately place the band in the upper league of the 'artsy/psychedelic roots-rock' British bands out there.

6 - Silver Apples - Silver Apples

Um baterista e um maluco com infinitos sintetizadores criam o, supostamente, primeiro disco de música eletrônica da história. Hipnótico é a palavra-chave.


Obs: Todos os downloads provindos de outros blogs foram gentilmente cedidos por intermédio de acordos com nossa Acessoria de Comunicação e Contato ao Consumidor(ACCC-JvCv). Qualquer reclamação, favor contactar-nos em horário útil(8h-18h) de segunda a sexta no endereço: Rua Columbita nº 500 - Itabira(MG) - Brasil.

Atenciosamente, administração Jesvs Cristvs

sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

Negativland - Escape from Noise (1987)

  1. "Announcement"
  2. "Quiet Please"
  3. "Michael Jackson"
  4. "Escape from Noise"
  5. "The Playboy Channel"
  6. "Stress in Marriage"
  7. "Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song"
  8. "Over the Hiccups"
  9. "Sycamore"
  10. "Car Bomb"
  11. "Methods of Torture"
  12. "Yellow Black and Rectangular"
  13. "Backstage Pass"
  14. "Christianity Is Stupid"
  15. "Time Zones"
  16. "You Don't Even Live Here"
  17. "The Way of It"
  18. "Endscape"

Experimentalismo e samples. Muitos samples. Propagandas antigas, citações de políticos e judeus hipócritas.

Um dos preferidos da paróquia, “Escape From Noise” é a obra-prima do Negativland, que mescla música experimental com sound collage.

É um álbum que exige dedicação. É impossível conseguir apreciar cada detalhe das “músicas” sem estar concentrado, já que se for usado como background, não passará de um amontoado de barulho escroto.

Detalhe pra música “Over the Hiccups” – na qual uma menininha com soluço cantarola "Over the Rainbow", parodiando Judy Garland.

18 faixas que valem a pena serem escutadas. 42:12 minutos que valem a pena serem perdidos.



Negativland is an experimental music and sound collage band from the 80's. "Escape from Noise" is one of JvCv favorites and is full of humorous samples and noise. A masterpiece.

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Jesvs Cristvs's Holy Gvide to The Fall 5 - Systematic Abusing(2000-2009)

Falar de The Fall representa pra mim uma enorme dificuldade. Para fugir desse fardo, usarei a palavra de outros, que são mais hábeis que minha humilde pessoa, no dom da palavra:

"Never a band has gave me so much joy in my life as The Fall."
"Some people say they don't like The Fall. I squeeze those cocks with my toe!"
"Always the same, Always different"
John Peel, DJ britânico da BBC(famoso por descobrir bandas como Joy Division, Sonic Youth e o próprio The Fall)

"You see, anything can happen in life: it just hardly ever does. For example -- why did Phil Collins survive long enough to become that horrible dwarf-like urinal? Or how about this -- Had Roger Waters' father survived WWII and Syd Barrett never gone crazy but simply left the band for personal reasons, would Roger have ever been able to come up with any song ideas at all? Nobody will ever know. But there's one thing we can and do know, and that is this: No band in the history of the Universe has put out more high-quality studio albums than The Fall. Those are just the basic facts."
Mark Prindle, crítico musical mais famoso da internet. Seu site:
And there shall be [...] The Fall. [...] and I the LORD will hear them [...] because they are [...]very good."
A Bíblia Sagrada, alguns excertos que supostamente mencionam a banda. Respectivamente: Exodus 11:6, Luke 2:34, Isaiah 41:17,Exodus 29:33 ,Judges 18:9.
Jesvs Cristvs's Holy Gvide To The Fall 5 - Systematic Abusing: 2000-2008 vai tratar dos discos da banda do novo milênio, a sonoridade diferente, com uma pegada mais pesada e guitar-based. Riffs hipnóticos, músicas de 9 minutos, Mark E Smith soando como um ogro das montanhas e Elena Polou(nova tecladista e nova esposa de Mark).
1 - Cyber Insekt
2 - Wolf Kidult Man
3 - Mountain Energei
4 - WB
5 - Fall Sound
6 - Reformation!
7 - Way Round
8 - Crop-dust
9 - Bo Demmick
10 - I've been Duped
11 - Theme From Sparta F.C.
12 - Clasp Hands(Peel Session)
13 - 50 Year Old Man
14 - Open the Boxoctosis no. 2
15 - Two Librans
16 - Proteinprotection
17 - Sons of Temperance
18 - Pacifying Joint(BBC Mixing It Session)
19 - Senior Twilight Stock Replacer
20 - Blindness(Peel Session)
For all of you out there who can't read portuguese and somehow for some reason have found this blog, this album is a compilation made by us of the latest phase of The Fall(2000-2008). I'll upload the other compilations some weeks from now, so, fav' us. Comments, complaints or congratulations to:

ZEN CD: A Ninja Tune Retrospective (Parte I)

Zen CD: A Ninja Tune Retrospective (Parte I)


Disc 1

  1. DJ Food - Dark Lady
  2. Coldcut - Atomic Moog
  3. Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On
  4. Bonobo - Pick Up
  5. Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On
  6. Mr. Scruff - Sweetsmoke
  7. Wagon Christ - Bend Over
  8. Kid Koala - Skanky Panky
  9. Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down
  10. Amon Tobin - Sardid
  11. DJ Food - Spiral
  12. Hexstatic - Auto
  13. Coldcut - Timber
    Featuring Hexstatic
  14. Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin
  15. Coldcut - Autumn Leaves
  16. The Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give
  17. Funki Porcini - Long Road

Ninja Tune é uma gravadora independente sediada em Londres, especializada em música eletrônica, hip –hop alternativo e instrumental, Nu Jazz, Drum n’bass e chillout.

A Ninja Tune Retrospective é uma coletânea não oficial “autorizada” pela gravadora, e contém 32 músicas (o Disc 2 vai ser postado mais tarde) dos principais nomes da casa, indo do oldschool até as produções mais recentes. Indispensável.



A Ninja Tune Retrospective (Part I) is an unofficial “Greatest Hits” by Zen CD and its quite essential for those who want to get into the style of the label.

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Dr. John - Gris-Gris

Dr. John - Gris-Gris
Side 1
1. Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
2. Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
3. Mama Roux
4. Danse Fambeaux 1
Side 2
1. Croker Courtbullion
2. Jump Sturdy
3. Walk On Guilded Splinters

Lançado em 1968, “Gris-Gris” é estranho. Muito estranho. A impressão é de que foi gravada uma ritualística VOODOO com aspectos típicos do Blues de New Orleans.
Sempre a figurar em listas de “DISCOS INDISPENSAVEIS”, Gris-Gris é uma obra-prima da psicodelia sem soar tão hipster quanto seus contemporâneos, como Forever Changes e Are You Experienced?

Download gentilmente cedido pelo nosso velho companheiro virtual:


Dr. John's seminal 1968 record. Voodoo, New Orleans and Rocknroll merged into one wonderful and frightening mixture

The Rough Guide to Cajun & Zydeco

Cajun e Zydeco são dois estilos musicais de origem dos franco-canadenses que, expulsos do Canadá, se fixaram na Louisiana. Estado americano onde a capital é New Orleans.
O som super distino desses dois estilos se caracteriza por uma incorporação de milhares de ritmos(música cubana, rock 'n' roll, jazz, folk, blues) e por uma presença constante de seu instrumento símbolo: o acordeon.
A qualidade de todas as gravações é maravilhosa e pretensiosamente duvido que alguém com um senso crítico apurado para música(o que naturalmente têm de sobra os visitantes do selo digital Jesvs Cristvs) chegue ao ponto de desgostar desse som. Um som tão honesto, humilde e alegre. Um genial representante da música do continente americano que nem sempre é lembrado.
Obs: A coleção A ROUGH GUIDE TO contém mais de 30 coletâneas com estilos musicais desconhecidos do mundo inteiro e de difícil acesso na internet. Pretendo postar em outras ocasiões outros álbuns da série.

The Rough Guide to Cajun & Zydeco
1. One Step at a Time - Clifton Chenier
2. Zydeco Boogaloo - Buckwheat Zydeco
3. Balfa Waltz - David Doucet
4. 'Tit Cord (The Little String) - Jimmy C. Newman
5. Misère M'a Fait Brailler - John Delafose, The Eunice Playboys
6. Rolling Pin - Beausoleil
7. Grande Bosco - Eddie LeJeune
8. Bayou Pon Pon - Michael Doucet
9. Two Step d'Amédé - Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
10. Disco et Fais Do-Do - Bruce Daigrepont
11. Kolinda - Beausoleil
12. Slow Horses and Fast Women - Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas
13. Pointe aux Pins - Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
14. Fiddle Stomp - Wallace Cheese Read
15. Jolie, Petite Blonde - Nathan Abshire
16. Chico Two-Step - The California Cajun Orchestra
17. J'Etais au Bal - Jo-El Sonnier
18. Let the Good Times Roll - Buckwheat Zydeco
19. I Passed in Front of Your Door - D.L. Menard

A fantastic compilation with the best of Cajun and Zydeko(music from french louisiana). Even though it sounds folkloric, it also sounds modern. This is not pure folkloric music, the influences of Rocknroll, Blues, Jazz and Country are evident and gratefully accepted.

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