sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2009

[Covers and Tribvtes X] Jesvs Cristvs - Respect

Respect was permanently written in the hall-of-fame of music in 1967 when Aretha Franklin recorded her wonderful version of the song. Originally it was written and recorded by Ottis Redding in 1965(you can check this version on the download file), and it's a pretty good version, but Aretha's one is just an untouchable classic gem.

Anyway, there are some other pretty interesting covers of "Respect" here. There's garagerock, disco(there's always some disco, isn't it?), an epic rendition by the eighties band Dexy's Midnight Runners and even a version sung in the BASQUE idiom (euskara) called Errespetua. It doesn't make much sense, I know, but it's goddarn interesting.

1. The Vagrants - Respect (2:15)
2. Rotary Connection - Respect (3:02)
3. Adeva - respect (4:01)
4. Dexy's Midnight Runners - Respect (Radio1 30.05.81) (5:09)
5. Fermin Muguruza - Errespetua (3:00)
6. Otis Redding - Respect (2:09)
7. Rationals - respect (2:38)

Download 31mb

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