terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2009

[Covers and Tribvtes V] Ramones - Acid Eaters

The Ramones released one of their most unusual albums in 1993. They combined their fast, driving, punk sound to twelve classic rock songs from the 1960s. The band had always had an affection for the raw energy of early rock songs, even hiring the legendary Phil Spector to produce their 1980 album "End of the Century." Seventeen years after their first album, the band released an album containing nothing but covers of 1960s songs, giving it an appropriately wild title: "Acid Eaters."

1."Journey to the Center of the Mind" – 2:52
(Original by Amboy Dukes)
2."Substitute" – 3:15
(Original by The Who)
3."Out of Time" – 2:41
(Original by The Rolling Stones)
4."The Shape of Things to Come" – 1:46
(Original by Max Frost and the Troopers)
5."Somebody to Love" – 2:31
(Original by The Great Society)
6."When I Was Young" – 3:16
(Original by The Animals)
7."7 and 7 Is" – 1:50
(Original by Love)
8."My Back Pages" – 2:27
(Original by Bob Dylan)
9."Can't Seem to Make You Mine" – 2:42
(Original by The Seeds)
10."Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" – 2:22
(Original by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
11."I Can't Control Myself"– 2:55
(Original by The Troggs)
12."Surf City" – 2:26
(Original by Jan and Dean)


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  1. I bought this one! Despite some reviews I've read claiming it's only okay,I go for this a lot when I want some ramones.
    Pete Towneshend even plays geetar on the Who cover track.
    Nice theme ya got going here this week.