terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2009

[Covers and Tribvtes IV] Jesvs Cristvs - Light My Fire

Obviously everyone has already heard that song more than a thousand times. But it's Covers and Tribvtes week on Jesvs Cristvs and we're not interested in original versions, we want the freaky covers people did of it.

Light My Fire with a disco beat? With a black-metal singer? Bossa-novaey? Reggaey?

Interesting stuff.

1. Amii Stewart - Light My Fire (8:19)
2. Amorphis - Light my fire (2:52)
3. Cibo Matto - Light my fire (2:01)
4. friedrich gulda-light my fire (7:23)
5. Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - Light My Fire (4:22)
6. Massive Attack - Ligth My Fire (live) (3:15)
7. Thievery Corporation - Light My Fire - Astrud Gilberto (2:55)
8. TYPE O NEGATIVE - Light My Fire (3:15)
9. UB 40 - light my fire (3:47)

Download 51mb

3 comentários:

  1. i heard a good version of light my fire in the 70's by Jose Feliciano on the midnight special music program, i have this one on dvd, i don't know if he recorded this one in studio or only made it live.

  2. I actually have that Feliciano version but hated it so much that left it out of the compilation, haha

    I guess it must have sounded better in the 70's. everything did sound better in the 70's didnt it?

    fun times.

  3. Many Thanks for posting this, looks quite fascinating ...

    Asli Jat